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Dead Island: Repairing, Upgrading, and Modifying Weapons3 years ago

Dead Island is a first person role playing zombie game for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Dead Island takes place on an island called Banoi. The island has beautiful beach resorts, forests, mountains, and more..But all is...

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19 Jun 2015
I have to admit the cardinal sin of all book lovers: I don't really love Shakespeare.

Reilly Wieland

writer / austinite / founder of inkling writing / potter head nerdfighter / lover of kale smoothies / sarcastic feminist / rower / wearer of mood rings / huntress / avocado devotee

I often feel as though I should already have my life figured out. A lot of my peers already have plans for their post-high school careers, but I find myself shrugging my shoulders every time somebody asks me, "What are you doing after high school?"

Taylor Vidmar

17 year old from Illinois who's not quite sure about what she's supposed to be doing. Loves reading, writing, and blogging at

Yes, I did kill my GPA freshman and sophomore year. Yes, I did get a bad stomach disability, resulting to an intense surgery. And yes, I have done things I deeply regret. But there are positives as these years went on.

I can't leave the country on my own or drink alcohol. My parents take me to school every day, which I am one year away from finishing. Now, maybe you are thinking to yourselves "Those must be the best years of your life" and "You have your whole life ahead of you," but truth is, I'm not so sure I do anymore.

Think about what you really want. Forget what you think you should do or what others say you should do. What excites you? What feels impossible? Be honest with yourself.

Ben Nemtin

Co-Founder of The Buried Life Four Peaks Media Group

I support Caitlyn. I respect her journey and her story. And I am so, so proud stand behind her and watch her find her happiness. Welcome to the world, Caitlyn Jenner.

Leo Sheng

Student, Writer, Aspiring Filmmaker, Activist

On May 27, 2015 I should have graduated from high school, but I did not. I am a dropout. Many would be disheartened to learn I was unable to accomplish something so simple, so necessary. But actually, I am fine.

What the hell is this? THIS is why young women (and men!) have body images issues. This is why people think that no matter what they do, they can't win. Being judged solely on a your physical appearance sucks. I know.

Ally Del Monte

16 year old who lives in Connecticut. Loves Kittens, photography, and writing my blog,

"President and CEO of Technological Connection Assistance Company" = I helped my grandparents make Facebook accounts so they would stop asking me if I was in a relationship.

Hana Nazir

Dartmouth '19, writer, language aficionado.

We were all gearing up for this video as Taylor heightened our excitement by tweeting, Instagram-ing and Tumblr-ing myriads of posters of each one of the of characters that would guest star. However, we weren't emotionally prepared when she actually released it because not only did the video slay in every way, it taught a bigger lesson.

Zainub Amir

Student at State University of New York at Albany

Eddie Redmayne reminds me of everything that's bright and beautiful in this world.

And whenever I feel like I can't make it anymore, I sing One Day More from Les Mis. I try to remind myself that, if I can stay one more day, I'll have the chance to be like Jane Villanueva.

When you Google "feminism," the first thing that comes up is the definition. After that, a couple of articles about Emma Watson, and then a website called "" You know what doesn't pop up? Man hating.

Anna Quesse

18 from Chicago. Happier than a camel on Wednesday.

I want to experience joy and heartbreak and first times and new adventures. I want to fill my scrapbook with people I love, places I went and things I did. I want to live fully, sucking up every bit of life that I'm given.

Julia Schemmer

Current CEO, author, entertainment journalist, and teen. Future international human rights lawyer, foreign correspondent, and diplomat working to end genocide.

At the beginning of the trip I looked at the itinerary with terror but by the end I was excited for each and every adventure. I found my inner adrenaline junkie, who came to realize that you don't have to go skydiving to feel a rush.

"But you look perfectly fine!" The problem is, we aren't "fine." The reason most people with chronic illnesses look "fine" is because approximately 96 percent of chronic illnesses are invisible.

Michaela Shelley

Chronic Illness Advocate/Blogger

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18 Jun 2015
Several homeowners may believe that painting a pole barn is merely for the purpose of making it appear good. But in fact, in addition to making it appear better, painting it will add more years to the toughness of the building. When you are considering painting, understand that that you ought to prepare cautiously and get it done as well as you can to begin with because at some point it will come out cheaper. If you scrimp on the paint, you will have to pay out much more eventually. Committing your time as well as investing in good quality paint will assure you will have a great looking, long lasting pole barn to last you a long time. Find out how to paint a metal pole barn right here.

Materials Required

Prior to carrying out anything, you have to purchase as well as assemble all of the supplies required to accomplish this project of painting your metal pole barn. Naturally you will require paint but the quantity you need will depend on the dimensions of the area you will be painting so ensure that you have that resolved first. Then you will need a rust-inhibitive primer that will stop the metal from turning into damaged from rust. You may need a paint scraper or a power washer to take out loose paint. Plus a disk sander, scaffolding, ladders, and a paintbrush, paint roller, or even a paint gun.

How To Get Started

If you happen to be repainting your metal pole barn, one thing you need to do is to get rid of any loose paint which is on top. To achieve this, feel free to use a paint scraper, or a power washer on a setting. Be extremely careful in taking off the paint so that you don't destroy the surface. Right after, you will need to thoroughly clean the surface area that you are gonna paint. Make sure you wash it and also dry it well before applying any paint. Makes use of the disk sander to get rid of any rusts within the metal. Do this until you the metal is free of rusts.

Preparing the Surface With Primer

You can now get started doing the actual painting. Prior to utilizing your paint of choice, you may first need to use paint primer. Make sure you cover any doors, windows, vegetation, along with other items that you don't want paint to drop on. You can utilize clothes, tarps, and also masking tape to have these items protected. To help you get to every area which have to be painted, ensure that you have the proper scaffolding and step ladders. Use the gear carefully as to not cause any personal injury. Lastly you are prepared and you may start out with using the rust-inhibitive primer paint on the places with rust. You need to handle rust well in order that it doesn't spread.

Applying Paint

When choosing paint, it is perfect for you to use a high quality acrylic paint because this dries quicker and can be easily cleaned out using soap and water. This is also the right paint to use when applying paint on metal. Regardless if you will be utilizing a paintbrush, paint roller, or even a paint gun, make sure you check the paint on a spot of the surface initially to notice if you should make any adjustments. A good time to paint is in the course of hot weather so schedule this task through summer. When painting, apply one layer each time and wait for the first layer to dry out until you paint another coat.

With all the following tips, now that you've learned how you can paint a metal pole barn. If you have pole barn sheds in your residence, take into account painting them to enable them to last longer, plus it will look pretty as well.

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18 Jun 2015

Neil Hershberg

Senior Vice President, Global Media




Laura Sturaitis

Executive Vice President, Media Services Product Strategy




Maria VanWambeke

Vice President, Product Strategy




Leon Harbar

Vice President, Global Trade Shows Events




Serena Ehrlich

Director, Social and Evolving Media




Raschanda Hall

Manager, Global Media Relationships



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18 Jun 2015
What you should know about ...

Dr. Ira Shapiro of Plaza Chiropractic Center poses with figure skater Michelle Kwan.

Dr. Ira Shapiro of Plaza Chiropractic Center poses with figure skater Michelle Kwan. What is a chiropractor?

Chiropractors are well-trained doctors specializing in the structure and function of the spine and joints of the body. Chiropractors receive a doctor of chiropractic degree and their training involves intensive studies of spinal adjusting or manipulation techniques and advanced radiology.

Chiropractic is among the safest of the healing arts. Doctors of Chiropractic represent the nation's largest drugless, nonsurgical health care profession.

Questions to ask and topics to discuss

First, just like choosing any type of doctor, this is a personal choice. You may wish to start your search by asking friends, coworkers and relatives for recommendations.

Next, set up a consultation with the doctor to make sure he or she is someone you are comfortable talking with. There are many questions you may wish to ask at this time:

Did the chiropractor go to an accredited school? There are certain standards with specific curricula being taught to meet the standards expected and needed in the profession.

Does the doctor regularly attend continuing education seminars? A chiropractor should always know the current methods of care.

What are the chiropractor's feelings about where chiropractic fits in with other health professions, his responsibilities in performing competent diagnosis of patients ? What experience does he have with patients who have similar problems or symptoms as you? Avoid any chiropractor who sees the chiropractic profession as being opposed to the medical profession or who denies responsibility to diagnose and refer appropriately.

Make sure that the hours of operation fit into your lifestyle. Very often there are several office visits required for certain treatments and you want to be sure you can make the appointments and receive appropriate care.

What are the fees? The office will review the fees for the treatment being recommended, and will discuss your insurance coverage and out-of-pocket expenses. Any doctor whose fees are substantially higher or lower than other chiropractors should raise a warning flag.

What kind of treatment does the chiropractor use? Most chiropractors use adjustment/manipulative treatments. These are used to restore normal joint function, to decrease pain, swelling and muscle spasms as well as to improve range of motion.

Your chiropractic evaluation

You will be required to fill out forms focusing on your problem and past history. Then you will have a private consultation with the doctor. This should be followed by a focused examination that includes a range of orthopedic and neurological tests, and an analysis of your musculoskeletal system. Your doctor may also recommend Xrays or other tests to confirm a specific diagnosis.

The treatment

After your examination is complete, you receive a complete report of findings. The doctor should be able to explain in clear and understandable terms the options of treatment including a plan to see results. You can also expect a re-evaluation to determine your progress. It is also important to stay actively involved in your treatment and rehabilitation.

There are some new technologies in chiropractic care

Cold Laser Therapy (approved by the FDA) is an exciting new advance in the treatment of pain. Laser may be the answer to problems with carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder pain, neck pain and back pain. It has been proven to relieve tingling, muscle weakness and loss of sensation. Low-level laser therapy offers safe, efficient and painless treatment for various musculoskeletal conditions, most notably carpal tunnel syndrome.

Therapeutic lasers work by supplying energy to the body in the form of nonthermal photons of light. When converted to chemical energy, it can be used by the cells to accelerate the normal rate of tissue healing. Cold Laser Therapy is a noninvasive alternative to surgery and is pain free.

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18 Jun 2015

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