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India did well to find good replacements for Tendulkar Co: Chappell

One of the commentators on the Australia versus West Indies series cited the success of Adam Voges, with his debut Test ton at age 35, as an example of the strength of the country's cricket. Australia's need to turn to an advanced-aged cricketer in Voges - and others like him previously - is an indication the system is failing to produce enough 'Test match ready' young batsmen. Australia was once a leading proponent of the "pick 'em young and watch 'em flourish," philosophy.

mid-day q

Article 370's Myths versus Reality of Jammu Kashmir

Hardly a day goes by when one doesn't come across a wide range of opinions on the so called benefits of Article 370 to Kashmir. A constitutional provision crafted to protect safeguard the interests of the subjects of the Jammu Kashmir though has turned out to be a bigger political divide than the Berlin Wall. The relevance of the article 370 in the present social structure of the state is being questioned for a range of reasons and the foremost being, what good the article could do with the state during the past 65 years, since its acceptance by the constituent assembly on October 17, 1949. There is no denial to the fact that the constitutional provision created under article 370 to grant special status to the state of Jammu Kashmir was a handy work of the then Prime Minister of Jammu Kashmir  Jb.

India News Analysis Opinions on Niti Central q

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14 Jun 2015
Let's face it, a lot of people love Diane Von Furstenberg and want to know where to get cheap DVF dresses.

 Von Furstenburg really is the mother of the wrap dress, which was born in the 1970s during the disco era. She started her wrap dress company with $30,000 dollars and began to rock the design world with her iconic dresses that were long enough to wrap the body in a figure loving way. That is why DVF is so loved, it's because the wrap dress looks great on a size 0 and even very beautiful and flattering on a size 16. Note, I know her dresses typically only go up to a 14, but when I was a size 16 (I've since lost about 40 pounds) I could rock a 14 wrap style dress. Yes, it's THAT forgiving.

And though these designer dresses can run from a few hundreds dollars to a thousand dollars, many women want to know where to find cheap DVF wrap dresses on sale. Luckily, to get a Diane Von dress on the cheap, you only need to look as far as a few known online places and even a few less known offline places as well.

 Discount DVF wrap dresses can be found in a variety of places some may really surprise you.

 Top Places to Get A Great DVF Dress on the Cheap:

Ebay: So I'll start with the most obvious place. If you love DVF, you can often get her iconic wrap and sheath dresses on Ebay. Start by just searching for ongoing bids and bid on the dresses you like most. Then do searches on misspellings. Diane Von Furstenberg's name is often misspelled. Von Frostenburg is a popular misspelling, as is Frustenburg. I've also seen DVF dresses described as Diane Von. Check all possible spellings, many times people who list DVF dresses have no idea what they are and what they are worth, making the possibility to score one quite easy when knowing a few tips and tricks.

Nordsrtom's Rack: The rack dresses have been known to be sometimes 85 to 95% off. And these places are often great for getting cheap DVF dresses. Nordstrom's Rack is often where items are taken when they have been altered or slightly damaged. Note that any alternation or deviations on these designer dresses can often be fixed and are well worth the price. Call around to various Nordstrom Rack's in your area to make sure they carry the cheap DVF dresses.

Consignment Shops: Consignment shops are well regarded and well known to carry cheap designer dresses. And you maybe able to score a cheap Diane Von dress. Again, so you don't have to scramble or really dig through all the inventory, call ahead first to see if they can give you a quick break down of designers and prices.

Thrift Stores: Of course this one is probably a real no brainier too. BUT you must go to a thrift store in a higher end area. This is important. You won't find a cheap DVF dress in a thrift store in the middle of no where, population 2. Stick to the swankier parts of town and be prepared to spend most of the day looking through high end thrift store DVF dresses.

 There you have it.

I'm sure you love Diane Von V as much as I do. Know what are your cheap DVF dresses story?

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14 Jun 2015

newsbulletin.nbFooter = ""

//append widget header

$("#newsbulletin .midcontainer").append("");

$("#newsbulletin .midcontainer").append(newsbulletin.nbContainer);

$("#newsbulletin .midcontainer").append(newsbulletin.nbFooter);

newsbulletin.nbDiv = document.getElementById('nbItemContainer');

nbjsId = 0;

newsbulletin.load = function()


//to try and handle caching in webkit browsers

dynamicJS.load('newsBulletin'+nbjsId, newsbulletin.baseloc+'/xmldata/newsbulletin?id=14640490twOverride=lpos='+newsbulletin.lpos2+'section='+nbjsId);


//display items

newsbulletin.displayItems = function(nbItemObj)

//check if status update

this.isStatusUpdate = (nbItemObj.label == 'Status Update')?true:false;

//item type class

this.itemTypeClass = (this.isStatusUpdate)?'orange':'blue';

//bg position

this.itemBgPos = '100% 55%';

if(nbItemObj.bgPos != null)

this.itemBgPos = nbItemObj.bgPos;

//author image

this.nbItemStyle = '';

this.nbH4Class = 'class=nbheader';

this.nbH4Style = '';

this.nbItemStyleAuthor = '';

if(nbItemObj.authorimage != null nbItemObj.authorimage != '')

this.nbH4Style = ' style=width:210px;';

this.nbItemStyle = 'background:url('+nbItemObj.authorimage+') no-repeat bottom right'//+ this.itemBgPos;

this.nbItemStyleAuthor = ' nbItemContentsAuthor'


this.title = '



if( != null != '')

this.title = ''


this.text = '';

this.textCapped = '';

this.morelink = 'More'

if(nbItemObj.text != null)

this.text = nbItemObj.text;

//if item is not expanded display capped text if applicable

if(nbItemObj.isExpanded != true)

if(nbItemObj.text.length 63)

this.textCapped = nbItemObj.text.substring(0, 63);

this.text = this.textCapped + '...';


this.text = this.textCapped + '... ' + this.morelink;

//social = '';

this.socialStyle = '';

this.authorBlock = '';

this.divider = '';

this.fb = '';

if(nbItemObj.authorfb != null nbItemObj.authorfb != '')

this.fb = ''

this.twitter = '';

if(nbItemObj.authortwitter != null nbItemObj.authortwitter != '')

this.twitter = '' = '';

if(nbItemObj.authorbio != null nbItemObj.authorbio != '') = ''''

this.authorBlock = '



if( != null != '')

if(this.fb != '' else = '';

this.textStyle = '';

if(nbItemObj.authorimage != null nbItemObj.authorimage != '')

this.textStyle = ' style=width:208px;';


this.categoryTag = '';

this.nbTextOverride = '';

this.rowTemp = ''+this.title+'






if (nbItemObj.notes)

nbNotes = nbItemObj.notes;

nbNoteStr = '';

nbNoteDivider = '';

$.each(nbNotes, function(idx)

nbNote = nbNotes[idx];

this.noteAuthorBlock = '';

this.notefb = '';

if(nbNote.noteAuthor.facebook != null nbNote.noteAuthor.facebook != '')

this.notefb = ''

this.notetwitter = '';

if(nbNote.noteAuthor.twitter != null nbNote.noteAuthor.twitter != '')

this.notetwitter = ''

this.notebio = '';

if( != null != '')

this.notebio = ''''

this.noteAuthorBlock = '



this.notesocial = '';

this.noteSocialStyle = '';

if( != null != '') this.notetwitter != '')

this.notesocial = this.notefb + this.notetwitter;

this.noteSocialStyle = ' style="height:21px; padding: 2px 0px;"';


this.notesocial = '';

if (idx == nbNotes.length-1)

nbNoteDivider = '';

this.nbNoteDiv = '






nbNoteStr += this.nbNoteDiv;


this.rowTemp += nbNoteStr;

return this.rowTemp;

function showMoreText(id)

//grab old item height

var oldItemHeight = $('#nbItem_'+id).height();

//retrieve the content from the array


//store id a list of opened objects


var newContainerHeight = $("#nbItemContainer").height() + ($('#nbItem_'+id).height()-oldItemHeight);

$("#nbItemContainer").css('height', newContainerHeight);

//reinitialize scroll


lastNBObjStr = '';

function isNewData(data)

isNewTemp = false;

currNBObjStr = '';

$.each(data.updates, function(ind)

currNBObjStr = currNBObjStr + data.updates[ind].objId + data.updates[ind].date;




if(currNBObjStr != lastNBObjStr)

isNewTemp = true;


//console.log('no refresh');

lastNBObjStr = currNBObjStr;

return isNewTemp;

isHeaderLinkLoaded = false; // flag to check if the header link is loaded

isShareLinkLoaded = false; // flag to check if the share link is loaded

isDoneLoading = false; // flag to check if the html is done loading in the jScrollPane

function newsBulletin(data)


isNewDataFlag = isNewData(data);


//clear contents first

newsbulletin.nbDiv.innerHTML = '';


updates = data.updates;

headerLink = data.widgetLink;

shareLink = data.shareLink;

if (headerLink != '' headerLink != null !isHeaderLinkLoaded)

var twitterImg = ""

$("#newsbulletin .midcontainer .widget_head").append("");

$("#newsbulletin .midcontainer .widget_head .twitterLink a .twitterContent").append("" + twitterImg + "");

isHeaderLinkLoaded = true;

//clear the author cutouts array

newsbulletin.authorCutouts = [];

// check to see if there is a height set for container, if so clear it

// prevents cacheing

var hasHeight = $('#nbItemContainer').attr('style');

if (typeof hasHeight != 'undefined')


$.each(updates, function(ind)

var itemDetails = new Object();

it = updates[ind];

//populate the itemDetails object = it.objId;

itemDetails.title = it.title;

itemDetails.objType = it.objType; =; =;

itemDetails.label = it.label; =;

itemDetails.authorbio =;

itemDetails.authorfb =;

itemDetails.authortwitter =;

itemDetails.feed = it.feed;

itemDetails.category = it.category;

//set defaults if item is a status update

if(itemDetails.label == 'Status Update')

if( == '') = ''

if( == '') = 'ABC News'

itemDetails.authorfb = ''

itemDetails.authortwitter = ''

//only pass the author image if it's not displayed in any of the items yet

if($.inArray(, newsbulletin.authorCutouts) == -1)

itemDetails.authorimage =;

//add to ignore list

if( != '' ($.inArray(, newsbulletin.authorCutouts) == -1))


if(it.text != '')

itemDetails.text = it.text;


itemDetails.bgPos = 'bottom right';

if (it.notes)

itemDetails.notes = it.notes;

//build a name value pair list of id/text

contentObject[] = itemDetails.text

itemDetails.isExpanded = ($.inArray(, fullTextList) -1) ? true : false;

//build markup




//set the height of container div


if (shareLink != '' shareLink != null !isShareLinkLoaded)

$("#newsbulletin .midcontainer .nbFooter").css("height":"35px", "border-top":"1px solid #d5d5d5", "border-bottom":"border-bottom:1px solid #eaeaea");

$("#newsbulletin .midcontainer .nbFooter").append("");

isShareLinkLoaded = true;


if ($.browser.version .midcontainer .nbFooter").css("display":"none");

var timeoutId = setTimeout(function()

$("#newsbulletin .midcontainer .nbFooter").css("display":"block");


, 3000);

dynamicJS.unload('newsBulletin'+nbjsId, newsbulletin.baseloc+'/xmldata/newsbulletin?id=14640490'+nbjsId);

isDoneLoading = true;

if ($.browser.webkit)

if(nbjsId .midcontainer .nbFooter").css("display":"none");

var timeoutId = setTimeout(function()

$("#newsbulletin .midcontainer .nbFooter").css("display":"block");


, 3000);











// we could call "pane.jScrollPane(settings)" again but it is

// more convenient to call via the API as then the original

// settings we passed in are automatically remembered.

// Initialization of the container should be done after all the markup has been loaded

// since there is no listener that could be passed into reinitialise() for callback

if (isDoneLoading)


isDoneLoading = false;

, 5000);



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14 Jun 2015
We have all heard of alternative practitioners such as acupuncturists, massage therapists, homeopathic practitioners and chiropractors. Chiropractors are now the leading alternative medicine practitioners according to latest surveys.

Chiropractor care has become distinctly favored among millions of Americans today. Patients who suffer from fibromyalgia have given praises to chiropractic care for decreasing their chronic pain and restoring their health back to normal to once again live a quality life.

Parents too now a days are adding chiropractic care into their childrens healthcare. In 2007 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study displayed results that chiropractic care was the most common form of alternative medicine used by children today.

Yes, chiropractors do concentrate on the muscle skeletal area. However, they also do treat other conditions such as chronic fatigue, asthma, headaches, tennis elbow and more. Chiropractic care is the safe and all natural treatment by restoring your body back to its normal health.

The listings of chiropractors can go on and on in some areas especially in those of large cities. If you are new to chiropractic care it can be difficult to decide which chiropractic care practitioner you should see. Since I write a lot of alternative medicine daily on the internet and for print magazines, below are some of my picks for the chiropractors that I feel would offer a person the most benefits not only in chiropractic care but personal attitude as being ready and willing to listen to their patients complaints, friendly atmosphere and more.

So here are my choices if you are in or around the Detroit area:

A L Chiropractic Center

24281 Middlebelt Road

Farmington Hills


The chiropractic centers practitioner Alan Migdalewicz D.C. has been practicing for 23 years and is a Palmer Graduate 1987. He treats patients of all ages so it is a great place for family care. Not only does he correct the problem but informs the patient of what caused the initial problem so they can avoid any occurrences in the future. The clinic does represent high degrees of professional standards. Some of the conditions he treats are back pain, headaches, arthritis, carpal tunnel, sciatica and sports injuries. Dr. Migdalewicz also offers spinal and postural screening, nutrition, corrective exercises, lifestyle advice and herbal. The hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8:30 am to 6:00 pm and Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm. Most insurance is accepted along with flexible payment plans. Master Card and Visa. His websites provide the new patient forms which makes it great for first time. Just print and fill out and bring with you to visit. Dr. Migdalewicz is also available for after hours care and emergencies. New patients and walk-ins are always welcome. Stop by and get a free consultation today.

Health First Chiropractic Clinic

Two Locations:

333 East Jefferson Avenue Suite M298



35275 Plymouth Road



The clinics practitioner is Bashar Salame D.C., who is dedicated to bringing his talent and knowledge to his patients a healthier quality of life. The clinic brings the most excellent attributes by the chiropractic equipment and technology. Not only does he take care of back pain but other conditions treated include colic, bed wetting, allergies, asthma, pinched nerves and PMS. The clinics hours are in Detroit office Monday and Wednesday 9:00 am to 2:00 pm and Tuesday and Thursday 1:30 to 5:00 pm.

In Livonia Monday and Wednesday 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm and Friday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Most insurance is accepted and they offer flexible payment plans. You can also download the new patient form on their site to save time when you come in for your visit.

Vesprini Chiropractic Life Center

12912 East Mile Road



The centers practitioner Frank Vesprini, D.C., graduate of Life University, brings his chiropractic talents to Detroit area in which he grew up. His general outlook is to locate and eradicate the problem which had caused the issue for his patients. He has been providing care to persons in the Detroit area since 1978. They advocate to their patients to obtain the ultimate level of health that they possibly can.

Feel free to ask Dr. Vesprini any questions you may have he is always more than happy to sit down and answer them for you. The center is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm, Tuesday and Thursdays 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm and Saturday 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Havis Chiropractic

29231 Northwest Highway



Sharon Lee Havis, D.C., will be your chiropractor. She graduated from Life Chiropractic College in 1984. She had practiced in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania for 22 years and in 2008 moved back to her home state of Michigan to continue bringing quality care to her patients. Dr. Havis is also trained in Nambudripad's Allergy Technique. Dr. Havis provides her patients with the utmost care and tries to teach her patients that chiropractic care is first in defense not a last resort. Their mission is to help their patients achieve the best health they can in a very easy holistic manner. Hours are Monday and Wednesday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Tuesday 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm and Friday 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. Master Card and Visa accepted. Appointments are needed.

Claddagh Chiropractic Healing Center

641 West Nine Mile Road Suite C



Bridget Devlin serves the Ferndale community for their chiropractic needs. Dr. Devlin is dedicated to promoting A1 health and well being to her patients. She will seek out the cause of the problem due to the fact that the symptoms may not always be present. She uses any means necessary along with any life style adjustments that would be useful to treat the condition to provide her patients normal functioning. Her services besides chiropractic care include nutrition, corrective exercises, lifestyle advice,spinal and postural screening. Her hours are Monday to Wednesday 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and then 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm, Tuesday 3:00 pm to 6:30 pm, Thursday 8:30 am to 12:00 pm and then 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm, Friday 10:00 am to 1:30 pm and Saturday 8:30 am to 12:00 pm. Most insurance accepted and flexible payment plans.

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13 Jun 2015
Watercolor is one the best mediums to work on. It is less messy, easy to mix, dries fast unlike oil painting. These are the basic things that are commonly known but what sets apart a piece of painting is not just limited to the colors or how one mixes them. There are several other factors that influence in making the painting look and feel better. If you have enrolled yourself for the watercolor classes, you would come to know of all the tips and secrets. For those who are interested in watercolor painting but are pursuing it just as a hobby, there are a few tips that you can consider to get better results-

Paper - In watercolor painting, the quality of the paper matters as much as the quality of the color. The most important characteristic of a good quality paper is its absorption capacity. The paper that has the right degree of absorbency helps in the colors settling smoothly on the surface and helps in reflecting more light. White papers are always better than colored papers as they reflect the maximum amount of light and gives a brighter image than the colored papers. Prefer acid free papers as they improve durability of the painting.

Colors - The basic palette must have a range of colors and should have a good choice of opaque as well as transparent colors and of weak tinting and strong tinting colors. Permanent colors are always preferred and to be able to learn mixing techniques and adding effects, one should join watercolor classes Melbourne.

Mediums - Various mediums are used to get different effects and creates different techniques. Some of the mediums that one can work with are;

Lifting preparation - medium must be first applied on paper and allowed to dry and later on apply colors on it.

Texture medium - Can be applied directly on the paper or can be mixed with watercolors first.

Permanent masking medium - Can be applied directly to the white paper, to dried washes on the paper, or mix it with water colors. Permanent masking medium is not removable.

Granulation medium - this medium adds to dimensions to flat areas, it is most used in landscapes.

Brushes - there are a number of varieties when it comes to brushes. The brushes come in different shapes and sizes and the quality of their hair differ. The shapes of the brushes are round, flat, bright, angular, filbert. The different types of wash brushes are mop and hake. The detail brushes are spotters and riggers. Materials, the brushes are made of either natural or synthetic material. The brushes made of natural materials are expensive. Some examples are Kolinsky sable (absorbs colors and retains shape) made of winter coat pelt of male kolinsky; red sable, made from different species of marten; squirrel brushes are very soft, goat brushes, ox brushes a bit rougher than squirrel and goat. The sizes of the brushes range from #0 to #24.

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13 Jun 2015

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